Rich Keller to Speak at Home Care Innovation + Investment Conference in June

The annual 2-day conference will bring together more than 500 home care and home health providers.

Chicago – June 6, 2023— PurposeCare, a leading provider of coordinated home care and home health services serving Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan, is pleased to announce Chief Executive Officer Rich Keller, will speak at this year’s Home Care Innovation + Investment Conference (Hi2), June 12-14 in Chicago. The conference pronounced “H.I. squared,” and put on by Lincoln Healthcare Leadership, brings together hundreds of home care leaders and investors.

Keller will speak during the Emerging Pioneers and Disruptors session discussing how to leverage caregivers in the home to identify changes in the patient’s condition enabling timely clinical intervention to dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid patients.

It is an unfortunate fact low-income Americans relying on Medicare for their primary care and Medicaid for their long-term care are among the highest risk and most expensive healthcare consumers in the country. One of the drivers behind this elevated expense is that Medicare/Medicaid delivery and payer systems do not coordinate well with each other. 

Keller has identified three key areas of focus where changes must be made if treatment and the costs associated with dual-eligible patients are to be addressed.

  • Coordinating Care – Caregivers and their observations are vital to system improvement. These observations must be carefully documented and then disseminated to the care transition team for evaluation. 
  • Coordinating Systems – The need for an integrated, cloud-based, and scalable technology platform is paramount. Patient information including medical history, insurance and socioeconomic data must be integrated into one system that can supply this information to all entities involved in real time.
  • Coordinating Culture – In order to create an effective, efficient and proactive care environment for dual-eligible patients, the various agencies and teams, with their own unique processes and histories would need to unite under one banner. 

About PurposeCare
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