Partnering With PurposeCare

PurposeCare is seeking home health and home care agencies to join our family companies with the ultimate goal of building a fully integrated continuum of home-based services throughout the Midwest focused on serving dual-eligible (recipients of Medicare and Medicaid) community members.
"PurposeCare provided the bandwidth to grow and scale my business beyond my capability. They’ve provided state-of-the-art analytics and a highly-skilled and competent team that allows my business to help people in many states. I am very happy with their thoughtful approach, which emphasizes culture and profitability while taking care of the most needy.”
Anthony Smith
Founder Purpose Home Health
PurposeCare is a provider of both Medicaid - and Waiver-funded home care and personal care services, as well as Medicare-funded skilled home health services in the community. We serve communities across Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, with a focus on further expansion in our existing markets and across the Midwest. The PurposeCare model reduces costs and enhances quality through connected care by focusing on in-home independence reducing the risk of hospital admissions.

Benefits of Partnering

Best-In-Class Team
HR/Back-Office Support
Employee-First Culture
Business Development
Technology & Systems

Data-Driven Approach

Acquisition Process: How It Works

All good relationships are built on a foundation of trust. We want to understand your story and your goals so we can work together to develop a plan to get you there. Our team moves quickly throughout the acquisition process with average transactions closing 60-90 days after a signed agreement.

“Delivering high-quality community-based services has become more challenging due to the shift toward value-based care. Patient care has always been our top priority. We sought out an organization with an infrastructure to manage the day-to-day business efficiently, allowing our team to focus on caring for our clients. PurposeCare allows us to be part of something much bigger, and we are excited to join the family.”
Greg Newsome
Founder Newsome Home Health