Home Based Care is Value Based Care

“We were designed to deliver value-based care and always have been. It’s sort of the point of our entire business model! We do well by doing good. Keeping people at home is of course good for our clients, it also happens to be good for our partners, and it’s good for our business. The market is just now catching up.”
Rich Keller

Coordinated Home Care Providers Are Uniquely Positioned to Drive Value

Since Medicaid is the largest payer for long term care services —and those in need of these services are frequently over 65 years old — individuals who are Dual Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid especially benefit from PurposeCare’s coordinated home care strategy. Our coordinated focus on home care will result in increased quality and reduced costs to the healthcare system; costs mostly borne by the Medicare system (e.g. hospitalizations).

3 out of 4 adults aged 50+ want to age at home and in the community.
9 in 10 Medicare beneficiaries prefer home health to a skilled nursing facility setting.
Enrollees in fully integrated managed care plans that coordinate Medicaid funded home care and Medicare funded acute care have resulted in lower total cost of care and reduced hospital stays.
The Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Model is being expanded nationwide after demonstrating a 4.6% improvement in quality.
4.8% reduction in Medicare spend for frail populations with home care services.
Annual cost of a Home Health Aide is approximately ½ that of a nursing home.