What is the Difference Between Home Health and Home Care?

Are you confused about the differences between home health care and home care? You’re not alone. Home health care is an option for individuals who need more specialized medical services than what can be provided through traditional in-home care.

What is Home Health?

Home health is a form of medical care that allows individuals to receive quality care in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Home health agencies provide skilled medical services, such as nursing support, physical, occupational and speech therapy. They may also offer social work services; nutritional counseling; medication management; wound care; fall prevention education; and caregiver support groups or training classes to assist family members in providing care at home. Utilizing these comprehensive services helps those with chronic conditions or disabilities maintain or regain their independence and quality of life.

Who Qualifies for Home Health Care?

Individuals who are homebound and require skilled care may qualify for home health services. This includes those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, recovering from surgery or an injury, or needing post-hospital care. For those who meet criteria, home health care is an invaluable way to ensure they can receive the necessary medical attention in the familiar setting of their own residence.

Family members should be aware of the range of support services available so they can make informed decisions about their relative’s healthcare. Home health also provides additional benefits such as personalized treatment plans tailored specifically to each individual’s unique needs, 24/7 access to nurses through phone consultations, and assistance with daily activities like bathing and dressing when needed.

What Services Does Home Health Provide?

By offering a range of services to individuals within their own homes, home health care provides the opportunity to remain in the home and receive necessary medical attention. These may include but are not limited to dressing changes and debridement for wound care, administering medications and providing education on proper use for medication management, IV therapy for those requiring fluids or nutrition, injections where necessary, monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse rate, assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing and dressing; plus furnishing information on disease management strategies and lifestyle modifications.

How Does Home Health Differ from Home Care?

Home health and home care are two distinct services that provide different levels of support for individuals in need. Home health is typically covered by Medicare or private insurance after a qualifying health event. Home care is often provided first by informal caregivers such as family members. Home care can be paid for using Medicaid and private pay. Home health provides skilled medical services; whereas home care provides non-medical assistance like meal preparation, light housekeeping tasks, and help with personal hygiene needs.

For those who need home health services, qualifying for coverage under Medicare or private insurance plans necessitates meeting certain criteria as discussed. With home care, if funding is provided by Medicaid, individuals do need to demonstrate a level of need depending on the program.  

PurposeCare helps our clients and their families by providing both skilled medical treatments and non-medical assistance with daily living activities within one coordinated program tailored specifically to each individual’s needs and preferences. Our team provides coordinated, comprehensive care ensuring that our clients and their families experience the highest quality of care.      

How Can PurposeCare Help With Home Health and Home Care Needs?

PurposeCare is a comprehensive home health and home care provider, dedicated to providing personalized attention and quality care for individuals in need of assistance. Our experienced teams and caregivers guide clients and their families through the process of creating an individualized care plan.

PurposeCare’s goal is to provide a combination of healthcare services to our clients that matches each individual’s needs. Coordination of care is key as needs can change over time. It is our goal that as a client’s needs change, they maintain continuity of care including the same caregivers they have come to know and trust. Additionally, we coordinate with other healthcare providers such as primary care providers to create an individualized plan tailored specifically for each client’s unique needs.

At PurposeCare, we strive to help our clients manage care in the comfort of their own homes by delivering high-quality care and education —allowing clients and their families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being taken care of properly. At PurposeCare, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that clients and their families have access to the information they need when it matters most—so you don’t have to go through this process alone.